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Welcome to Grecycle Arizona

Grecycle began in 2005 as the first company in Arizona to receive EPA approval on its biodiesel.

Grecycle sells certified ASTM biodiesel and is registered with the National Biodiesel Board,

Arizona Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Grecycle only accepts Used Cooking Oil, not used Motor Oil.

Offering the Best Solutions for Your Used Cooking Oil.

Our system transforms eligible fryers, giving restaurant operators the ability to dispose of fryer oil with the turn of a valve.

Grecycle has provided restaurants consistent used cooking oil collection services for over 15 years. We began collecting used cooking oils from the University of Arizona student unions, and today we service over 500 facilities in Arizona.

Since 2005, Grecycle and the Pima County Regional Waste Water Reclamation Department has put on the Annual Grease Drive.


Why Recycle Oil?

Watch this interview on KGUN9 with Michael Kazz, president of Grecycle, about the benefits of recycling cooking oil.

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