Yellow Grease to Biodiesel

Grecycle has provided restaurants consistent fryer oil collection services for over 13 years.  We began collecting cooking oils from the University of Arizona student unions, and today we service over 200 facilities in Arizona.

Grecycle Biodiesel

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Community Outreach

Since 2005, Grecycle works and the Pima County Regional Waste Water Reclamation Department has put on the Annual Grease Drive.  Drop-off locations are set up and staffed by volunteers, allowing residents a place to properly dispose of waste cooking oils. The event happens the first week of January.

Grecycle also works with U of A's Engineers Without Borders, Tucson Earth Day, provides fuel for "The Physics Factory," and more.

Grecycle-Goldstar Advantage

Restaurant owners find it advantageous

to work with Grecycle and Goldstar for restaurant services because we hold each other accountable in our respective areas.

Many companies do both, pump grease traps AND collect fryer oil.  As a result, those companies have little incentive to do a quality job on grease traps - and it shows in their work.