Glycerin for Dust Control

Dust control is a big problem in construction, especially here in

the hot dry deserts of Arizona. 

By mixing our glycerin palliatives with water and applying them to

the soil, they help promote aggregation and prolonged soaking of

the dirt to keep dust particles out of the air. 

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Grecycle's Auto-Pump System

Grecycle has developed a patent pending system for disposing

restaurant fryer oil.  Our system transforms eligible fryers, giving

restaurant operators the ability to dispose of fryer oil with the

turn of a valve.

Waste fryer oil exits through hidden plumbing into an inside or

outdoor storage tank (depending on your restaurant's footprint),

and is there until it is picked up by Grecycle.  Our system virtually

eliminates the risk of spills.

Fryer oil can typically be changed in under 5 minutes with

Grecycle's system.  There is no need to wait for the oil to cool!

Keep your employees safe and their focus on customer service, and save money on payroll.

Our system costs much less than comparable pump systems.  Additionally, other systems stipulate that only their oil can be used, whereas our system works with any cooking oil.

We can provide your restaurant with a free system and discount installation with a service contract.

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Grecycle Biodiesel

-20F Windshield Wiper Fluid

Grecycle's windshield wiper fluid is made locally and sustainably with

collected rain water.  Rain water is naturally soft and low in calcium

and magnesium ions as well as other various minerals, thereby making

it less abrasive.  For that reason, our windshield wiper fluid doesn't leave

any mineral residue unlike other products on the market.

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